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Eternal Life is Joy and Pleasure with God Forever

Those who have believed God and have responded to His initiatives, the Holy Spirit and the Gospel will live forever in the Kingdom of God. The first 1000 years will be in Heaven, and then on the renewed Earth. It will be a real and satisfying a physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually

The Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation reveals Jesus and what He has been doing and will do to bring evil and injustice to an end. It focuses on the Last Days when the Antichrist Babylon system persecutes God’s People and the 144,000 give God’s last message to the world.


The Book of Revelation is supposed to reveal what God is doing. So why is it so confusing? A Revelation of Jesus is a book that can help you understand what Revelation means. You can read it online to find an in-depth analysis of every chapter and verse with the Bible itself used as the key to understanding the symbols, drama and predictions of Revelation. And you can open Important Questions to read a series of short articles that summarize some of the key themes of Revelation.


Revelation chapter 19 describes the Second Coming of Christ when Babylon, the Beast and the False Prophet will be destroyed. After the Marriage of the Lamb the Redeemed will attend His Marriage Supper.