Fifth Trumpet announces the fall of the star, the opening of the abyss, and the beginning of the last great battle (the locust war in the book of Joel).

The war that is described in Revelation and in Joel is the most extensive and the most destructive of all time.

As we will see in the sixth trumpet, it involves 200 million soldiers, and a third of mankind will be killed!

We might expect that a war of this magnitude, taking place just before Christ’s return, would be mentioned in other prophecies. As expected, an amazing link between the book of Joel and the book of Daniel will enable us to learn more details about this war, including the identities of the combatants.

To most of us, even the thought of any major armed conflict is unsettling. However, stepping back and looking at the big picture, there is comfort for the followers of Jesus. The most basic is Jesus’ promise “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5) is valid even during the time of trouble.

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