The visions of the Book of Daniel provide a model for interpreting the Book of Revelation.

This video provides a brief overview of the four apocalyptic visions in the Book of Daniel and identifies the principles of apocalyptic visions that can be applied to Revelation.

After detailed analysis we will see that considering the visions of Daniel as a model for the Book of Revelation, we can expect that:

  • Much of Revelation will be symbolic, but we can expect some parts to be literal.
  • Revelation will portray the experience of God’s people from the time it was written until the Second Coming of Christ and eternity.
  • The focus on history will be relatively brief, and most of the book will deal with the final crisis.
  • The timeline will be basically linear rather than bouncing from one time period to another.
  • Besides events on earth, we can expect a shift of scenes to portray events in the courts of heaven.
  • We can expect to see major successes by God’s enemies. However, the judgment will ensure that the oppressive enemies will be defeated and God’s faithful followers will be delivered.

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