Could the Seven Seals be happening right now? The symbolism of Revelation chapter 4 introduces the major theme of judgment and the astonishing reality that in this judgment God is on trial.

In earlier videos we saw that that the prophecy of Time, Times, and Half a Time in Daniel 7 and the prophecy of 2,300 evenings and mornings in Daniel 8 both identify a long period of time in which God’s followers are persecuted and God Himself is misrepresented by oppressive powers. Then these periods are followed by the judgment that makes everything right.

Both of these time prophecies pinpoint the judgment as beginning during the Philadelphia era of the 19th century. The implications of this are pretty astounding: we are, right now, in the middle of an invisible judgment in the heavenly realm that has been taking place for well over a century.

However, the invisible judgment in the heavenly realm is not for God’s sake.

God on trial

God is on trial in the invisible judgment. He is the One who created humans. He is the One who allowed Adam and Eve to continue to live after they sinned, even though He had told them, “In the day that you eat of [the tree of the knowledge of God and evil], you shall surely die” (Genesis 2:17).

And He is the One who chose to become a man, to live among us and reveal to us what God is really like, to die for sins that he didn’t commit, and then apply his life and death to anyone who believes in Him.

The idea that in the judgment God is on trial is confirmed by this astounding text: “Let God be found true, though every man be found a liar, as it is written, “That You (God) might be justified in Your words, And might prevail when You are judged” (Romans 3:4 NAS).

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