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The Book of Revelation is not just a collection of interesting symbols and metaphors– it reveals, in the symbolic language, Jesus and His great enemy who are engaged in a very real spiritual battle between good and evil that has been raging since “Lucifer, son of the morning… said in [his] heart… I will be like the Most High” (Isaiah 14:12-14).

At the dawn of creation “that ancient serpent” succeeded in bringing the battlefield to planet earth. This is a battle to the death that has no neutral ground, even though the majority of the world’s people know nothing about it.

Revelation of Jesus unmasks the great deceiver and exposes his fatal traps, tricks and agents.

But the Book of Revelation is not about Satan— it is “the Revelation of Jesus Christ” (Revelation 1:1). Jesus is the hero and His complete victory and the eradication of evil is the great theme. The purpose of this book is to present Jesus as He is revealed in the Book of Revelation, so that in seeing Him more clearly, we may
fall in love with Him more than ever before.

This book does not reflect the official teaching of any church and does not have any denominational endorsement, but represents more than thirty years of study
by the author, David Lackey.

A Revelation of Jesus by David Lackey is available from Barnes and Noble (free shipping), Amazon, and many other bookstores.

ISBN-13: 978-1479603923