Over 35 years ago I opened the Book of Revelation for the first time. Something deep within me already knew that this was one of the most important books ever written, and that it was absolutely essential that I understand what it was saying. But I was bitterly disappointed. As I encountered the cryptic symbols and dramatic scenes I had no idea what the message was. Past, present, or future? Literal or symbolic? Local or global? Chronological, cyclical, or recurrent related themes? And when I turned to other books about Revelation the lack of concensus was just as confusing.

Besides the questions about the Book of Revelation itself there were the larger issues about God that I had hoped to find answers to in Revelation. What kind of a God would reign over a world like the one we live in? What is He going to do to rescue us from the pain and corruption we see and experience every day? What has Jesus been doing for the nearly 2,000 years since He died on the Cross, rose from the grave, and returned to heaven?  He promised to come back; when is that supposed to happen, and what will we experience between now and then? He promised that we will spend eternity with Him; what is that going to be like? The Book of Revelation actually provides some of the best answers to these questions that can be found anywhere, but they are “hidden” in the symbols and cryptic narrative.

After many years of study I wrote the book (“A Revelation of Jesus” by David Lackey) that this website is based on. It goes through every chapter and every verse of Revelation, analysing the meaning of the symbols and explaining the dramatic scenes that are depicted. Unlike many other books that have been written about Revelation, “A Revelation of Jesus” avoids speculation, guesswork, and conjecture. It does not refer to the works of other authors, or adhere to the teaching of a particular denomination. Instead it uses the Bible itself as the authoritative interpretive guide, recognizing that the apostle John who wrote the Book of Revelation was inspired by the Holy Spirit to use verses, allusions, stories, themes and symbols derived from the holy scriptures. They are the key to understanding Revelation.

You can read “A Revelation of Jesus” on this website; at the top of every page is the link “book,” which takes you to the introduction. If you prefer to read a hard copy you can order one from Amazon or many other bookstores where it is available.

Besides “the book” this website also includes a section called “Important Questions.” These short articles bring into focus some of the issues and controversies in the various chapters of the book of Revelation. And there are also a second set of “Important Questions” that deal with other crucial or current spiritual issues.

The Book of Revelation is full of fascinating subjects such as the Battle of Armageddon, the mark of the beast, the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Millennium, and many others. But Revelation was not written to satisfy curiosity. God inspired John to write Revelation to help us prepare for the momentous events that are before us. A comparison of the prophecies of Revelation with the conditions of our world indicates that the final events of human history are about to transpire. Are you ready?