Eternal Life is Joy and Pleasure with God Forever

Those who have believed God and have responded to His initiatives, the Holy Spirit and the Gospel will live forever in the Kingdom of God. The first 1000 years will be in Heaven, and then on the renewed Earth. It will be a real and satisfying a physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually

Hell is not Eternal Torture

Revelation teaches that Hell is not just separation from God: it is fire that destroys sinners, but it destroys both body and soul, it does not leave sinners in eternal torment. The many misconceptions about Hell derive from the false doctrine of the Immortal Soul

Millennium, 1000 Years with Jesus in Heaven

The Millennium is 1000 years just after the Second Coming of Christ. Those who have been saved will be in Heaven and will “judge men and angels”. The “wicked” will be in their graves and will not be resurrected until the 1000 years are over; at tht time, they and Satan will face the final judgment

Thank God He is our Judge

No one likes for his behavior to be judged, because we have all experienced unfair judgment based on inadequate information, selfishness or malevolence. But because God is Love and He is our Creator, He not only has the right to judge us according to His law, but will always judge us righteously.

What God Really Wants

If we tried to understand what God wants from people according to the way people worship Him in the various denominations we get a very confusing picture of a capricious and arbitrary God. But the Bible reveals that what God really wants is for people to love Him and the other creatures He has made.

You can believe in Jesus and be a Christian

You can become a Christian if you believe what God says about you and what He has done for you. He says that you have sinned, and your sin disqualifies you to live in the good universe that He will create. But Jesus died for your sins, and if you believe Him and ask Him to direct your life you become a Christian.

A Christian Believes in Jesus, has Eternal Life

A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ. There is one God, the Father, the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit. Everyone has committed sin, and the penalty for sin is death, but whoever believes that Jesus died for his sins, and commits himself to following Jesus, is granted eternal life.

Evil was not created by God

God created a perfect universe. Although He didn’t plan for sin, He made provision for it if it would arise and took responsibility for it even at infinite cost to Himself. Satan is the originator or sin.