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The Book of Revelation uses Symbols to portray the Great Controversy between Good and Evil. In Revelation 1 the story begins in Apostolic Times and continues through the Book until Evil has been Eradicated.


Revelation 2 presents the First Four of the Seven Churches, which symbolize the history of the Christian Church: Ephesus (Apostolic Church), Smyrna (Persecuted Church), Pergamos (Imperial church), and Thyatira (Church of Dark Ages).


Revelation 3 Continues the Messages to the Seven Churches, Giving a Prophetic Overview of the History of the Christian Church from Sardis (the dead church) through Philadelphia (with the Key of David) to the Present Period of Laodicea (the Lukewarm church).


Revelation 4 Depicts the Throne of God Surrounded by the 24 elders and the Four Living Creatures in the Heavenly Courtroom as the Investigative Judgment Begins, which Corresponds to the Old Testament Day of Atonement.


Revelation 5 Depicts the Opening of the Investigative Judgment as a “Strong Angel” (Satan) Challenges the Opening of the Sealed Scroll (the Book of Life). The Challenge is met by Jesus, who Appears as a Lamb as though it had been Slain.


Revelation 6 depicts the judgment of humanity with the Four Horsemen of Revelation (the White horse, the Red horse, the Black horse and the Pale horse). Martyrs are pictured as Souls under the altar crying out for justice.


Revelation 7 shows the “four winds” about to bring destruction upon the earth, but they are held back by four angels until the one hundred forty four thousand receive the seal of God on their foreheads. The sealing of the 144,000 is the equivalent of the Old Testament “Latter Rain” and will result in the salvation of the Great Multitude.


Revelation 8 begins with Silence in Heaven as the Seven Trumpets are about to sound. An angel with a Golden Censer has been protecting the earth, but when He throws down the censer and the 7 trumpets begin to sound the whole world is plunged into unimaginable chaos and grief.


Revelation 9 describes a war in which the Bottomless Pit is opened and “Locusts” pour out. The war of the Locust Army is the same as the war between the King of the North and the King of the South described in Daniel 11. God’s people will be protected by the Seal of God, not the Secret Rapture.


The Seven Thunders of Revelation 10, like the prophecies of Daniel and Matthew 24, give information about what will happen at the end of time. God’s special messengers will understand the Bible prophecies (symbolized by eating a “little book”) and will complete the Mystery of God by sharing the message with the world.


In Revelation 11 John measures the temple in heaven in preparation for the end-time ministry of the Two Witnesses. These witnesses who carry the gospel to the whole world but are attacked and “killed” by the Beast from the Bottomless Pit (the Antichrist) but God raises them up in victory.


In Revelation 12 there is “war in heaven” as Michael casts Satan out of Heaven. He persecutes the Woman (the Church) for 1260 days (Years) but even after great persecution a faithful Remnant remains.