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Revelation of Jesus 13, Timeline

A major roadblock to understanding the Book of Revelation is putting the events described on a timeline. This video uses the entire Bible narrative as a model for the Revelation timeline.

Revelation of Jesus 12, Seven Churches Laodicea

The message to the Church of Laodicea shines the prophetic spotlight onto our own time. Despite the perils of these last days, the church is comfortably complacent and lukewarm. Jesus, knowing our imminent danger, is urgently knocking at the doors of our hearts.

Revelation of Jesus 11, Seven Churches Philadelphia

The message to the church of Philadelphia is the sixth prophetic message to the Christian Church and covers the 18th and 19th centuries. After centuries of compromise and apostasy, the Christian Church experienced the greatest revival since the Apostolic era.

Revelation of Jesus 10, Seven Churches Sardis

The message to the church of Sardis is the fourth prophetic message to the Christian Church and covers the time after the Protestant Reformation. Tragically, Jesus says to the Church, “You have a name that you are alive, but you are dead!”

Revelation of Jesus 8, Church of Pergamos

The church of Pergamos is the third of seven prophetic messages to the Christian Church. During the Pergamos era the union of church and state compromised the purity and mission Jesus had given His followers.

Revelation of Jesus 4, Chiastic Structure

The Book of Revelation was written using a chiastic structure. This provides an important key for interpreting the obscure but critical prophecies of Revelation that are more relevant today than ever before.

Revelation of Jesus 3, Visions of Daniel

The visions of the Book of Daniel provide a model for interpreting the Book of Revelation. This video provides a brief overview of the four apocalyptic visions in the Book of Daniel, and identifies the principles of apocalyptic visions that can be applied to Revelation.

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