Category: Questions about Revelation

Eternal Life is Joy and Pleasure with God Forever

Those who have believed God and have responded to His initiatives, the Holy Spirit and the Gospel will live forever in the Kingdom of God. The first 1000 years will be in Heaven, and then on the renewed Earth. It will be a real and satisfying a physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually

Hell is not Eternal Torture

Revelation teaches that Hell is not just separation from God: it is fire that destroys sinners, but it destroys both body and soul, it does not leave sinners in eternal torment. The many misconceptions about Hell derive from the false doctrine of the Immortal Soul

Millennium, 1000 Years with Jesus in Heaven

The Millennium is 1000 years just after the Second Coming of Christ. Those who have been saved will be in Heaven and will “judge men and angels”. The “wicked” will be in their graves and will not be resurrected until the 1000 years are over; at tht time, they and Satan will face the final judgment

Close of Probation, Last Chance to Accept Jesus

The “Close of Probation” describes the point in time after which there is no more chance for repentance; this is the moment of death, after which comes the judgment. But before the Second Coming of Christ there will be a “Close of Probation” when everyone will have heard the gospel and made their decisions